Sacred Union~


The sacred marriage occurs by surrendering into the energy of the Divine Mother and Divine Father, through the spirit of Devotion. We also need to be fully prepared to feel all the emotions that arise as we open to embody the divine energies within us. This process gradually clears any energy blockages held within our emotional energy centres ~ our chakras ~ until it completes an alchemical cycle. When we feel the emotion is received, the energy block is cleared and the divine energies can flow into that specific chakra, lifting the vibration of the chakra to its highest potential expression. When the union occurs, we experience inner illumination and a rising of consciousness on various levels of our lives.

When the divine male and female polarities merge within us, this creates a union of opposites and one enters into the subtle realms of ‘the gold’; where all is silent, where all is light. It is here in this ecstatic field of silence, that we can get in touch with the field of pure potentiality where the creative seed of the highest potential of our souls can be imagined, birthed and grounded into our lives.

It is a crucial step in our inner development and maturation process for us to embody both the divine masculine and divine feminine qualities within us. As woman we are required to balance our inner healthy masculine, which will develop our capacity to access divine intelligence, clarity of mind, presence and stillness. Just as it is important for men to develop the capacity to feel their emotions and express their bodies ecstatically and all the precious gifts that embodying the divine feminine brings. As we open energetically to the divine creative principles of life we are supported to embody the characteristics that they imbue.

~ Leyolah Antara


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