The Energetic Match~


The Energetic Match between Two people in Relationships~

This match occurs in the Heart Chakra and essentially means that the two energy bodies vibrate at the same rate. When you are an energetic match with someone you feel a sense of familiarity when you meet them. For example, when you meet someone for the first time but feel as though you have met before, this is an indication of an energetic match. This familiarity turns into attraction, reminding you over and over that your energy bodies vibrate at the same rate. It is a magnetic feeling, drawing you closer and closer to the other person.

Our energetic vibration is not fixed. As we learn and grow so does our vibration. Sometimes two people who started out as a match in the beginning of their relationship will grow in different directions. Over time their vibration will grow further and further apart. This can cause an end to the relationship or it can cause a crisis in the relationship where the two people choose to come back together. This can occur over and over again. Vibration is not the only factor in the success of a relationship, but it is an indicator of the health of a relationship.

When you are an energetic match with your partner you work together as a team, your energy blending together into one united front. The farther apart your vibrations become the more you will fight against one another. If your relationship is struggling, reach out from your heart to your partner’s heart and see what you feel. Does the energy flow together, or does it push back like magnets pointed the wrong way? You can repair energetic discord and return to a match with some work and intention.

Physical closeness is key to maintaining an energetic match. Daily physical contact is very important. Remember to hug and kiss and hold hands. This causes entrainment (or alignment) in the Heart Chakra.

Be intentionally supportive of the other person’s choices and opinions. Pay attention to patterns of behaviour in yourself. Do you tend to disagree most of the time with your partner? Has this become a habit that you perpetuate without thinking? Consciously choose your responses, aligning yourself with them.

Choose a project, cause, or job to do together. Be intentional about uniting as one to complete something together. As you work side by side your energy will begin to match up, repairing the discord.

Spend time with couples who have healthy energetic matches. When it comes to energy, “like attracts like.” Give yourself good examples of how you want your relationship to be.

Remember that in some cases the discord cannot be repaired and it is better for both of you to move on. This is a healthy move for both people and creates a sense of freedom and relief. It is ok to feel good about leaving a relationship that is no longer an energetic match for you.

~ Kristi Brower

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