Whole people are looking to connect with other whole people in relationships that are based on trust, desire, and choice. The relationships are not based on “I need you in my life to complete me and validate me.” You become complete in yourself and operate with someone else who is complete in themselves and offers a whole new territory to explore.

When you marry that twin flame inside yourself, you are recognizing the intuitive, Goddess, life- bringing, sensitive portion of yourself as well as the portion of yourself that is powerful, rational, and intellectual. One that is very much of the Earth plane and the other is very much of the spiritual plane. When you merge these energies together in yourself, it will be imperative that you find someone who has the same qualities. You will not fit with someone who is not integrated and whole.

You will automatically draw whole people to yourself, and it will be effortless. You will be able to plug into one another out of desire and recognition, not out of need. You will achieve something that you never recognized as a possibility in any relationship before, and you will give relationship a very new personality, a new boundary, and a new definition. You will become your own role models for this new type of relationship. Many of you will find that the marriage institution is meaningless. It will not fit and house what you know or how you want to live.

~Bringers of the Dawn~
Barbara Marciniak


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