How to Love a Tigeress~


What is a tigress?

A tigress is a fierce lover who knows her worth.

She has spent time alone. She has spent time in love. She has spent time alone in togetherness. She has discovered who she is and what she desires. She has been left, and she has done the leaving.

She is not afraid to ask for what she needs and deserves. She knows she is worthy of a love that will shake this world.

A tigress does not sabotage her heart. She only has time and space to love in a way that honours her truth and power.

A tigress is not afraid to dare greatly, it is why she loves with her heart stretched wide as the ocean. She will not ask you to prove or show her that you are worthy of her love.

She does not have walls, for boundaries are for those who encompass fear and a tigress will not fear you.

A tigress knows how to be alone. While others may mistake solitude and aloneness for loneliness, she knows the difference.

A tigress is not only fed from the connections of those around her, but by the babble of the brook, howl of the wind and the glow of the moon.

A tigress is here not only be seen, listened to, tasted, touched but to be loved wildly. If you are only desiring of dipping your toes momentarily into love, her heart is not a place for you.

A tigress shows up raw, naked. If you cannot undress your heart before her, keep walking. A tigress doesn’t have time for murky, uncertainty, back and forth, heart games.

Some people spend their entire lives loving to learn they are worthy of a love they desire. A tigress knows she is here to be worshiped.

A tigress drinks the juice of the souls she dances with joyously.

She is sexually empowered and will tell you what she needs, how to bend, twist, stroke and love her.

A tigress knows that the greatest measurement of courage is vulnerability. She will be ferociously soft and love you with sweet, open might.

A tigress will never try and control you. She is confident that you can manoeuvre through this life on your own.

A tigress is strong enough to ask for support, and to support you. She will carry your mountain and her own under the burning sun without buckling and she is strong enough to ask you to carry her when she is weak.

A tigress may throw you off—stumbling, with her forwardness, openness, accountability and authenticity. She will be there to catch you if you want to fall with her. She will let you go if you want to fall away from her.

A tigress loves transparently.

A tigress calls lovers who challenge her. Daily, minute to minute, moment to moment. A tigress is not afraid to see your shit and challenge you. She is desiring and deserving of the same.

A tigress does not waste time loving those who do not know her worth.

She is strong enough to hear you. Strong enough to hold a space to exist, speak and love freely.

A tigress knows she is in love when she no longer looks over her shoulder. If you are looking over your shoulder constantly, she will leave you.

She is strong enough to show up in the heat, sweat with you and let go when it is no longer serving of her power.

A tigress is strong enough to walk away first, and to kiss you softly and let go if you leave before she is ready.

A tigress will love you unwaveringly. She will walk before you, hold you in her eyes and show up for you each day you walk beside each other.



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