The New Masculine~


A woman’s expectation of wanting a “soul-connected, conscious, man who unconditionally loves and adores her,” is not unrealistic. It’s what a real man should bring to the relationship.

But men, in general, have failed. We haven’t gone within and made the shift from our ego-self to our heart. It’s been about us, and what we can get without really giving anything up. We haven’t done the inner work. We’ve been more concerned about what pleases our eye than what satisfies our soul. And we certainly haven’t treated women as our softer equal. We’ve been too busy pretending that we have all the answers to realize that women have a far greater understanding of life and love than we’ll ever have.

Women deserve so much better. It’s time for a new breed of the masculine to rise up and take a stand. It’s time to show the world what a real man is. It’s time to return to love.

~ Daniel Nielsen


photo: Jason Momoa


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